Legendary classic snake game

How to play snake

Use mouse

Snake Game

The snake game is a classic snake game. It is the traditional way to play snakes online. This game can train your attention and vision. In the game, you can grow up by eating food. You can grow up eating every food. The nimble avoidance of obstacles and difficulties in the game can make you feel like a duck to water.

How to play a Snake game
In Snake game, you move the direction of the snake by performing the up and down, left and right four direction keys. You need to take care to avoid danger in the game actively. If you hit your tailor, hit a wall, you will lose the game. As your game progresses, the more food you eat, the longer your body will grow, so you need to be more vigilant when avoiding danger.

Play Snake game tips
In this retro Snake game, you can set the speed of the snake. Because the speed of the snake significantly affects the progress of your game. After all, if your rate is too fast, once you hit your tailor wall, you can only lose. The result will make you feel like water under the bridge. Therefore, you need to set the speedwell.

Operate Snake game online. In the case of multi-person combat, actively devour food points to make it grow up, and even become the strongest snake overlord. However, a careless player may fail the game.  Such a tense situation will make people think of wings io shooting freely in space and the chaos in the sea. You are bound to have to compete with other players.

The same casual bloxorz, where you will need to roll the squares over and over again to get it to the desired position, can successfully enter the gate; otherwise, you will need to start moving back.  Earn to die 2 in pursuit of speed and passion means that you will launch a speed competition with life, avoid the search of zombies and use weapons Deus ex.

Paper io, which is similar to the Snake game, is a line game that pays attention to the occupying area. You need to tactfully avoid the attack of your opponent and continuously expand the space.  In the case of free cell, you will need to use your brain to successfully stack all cards into four stacks according to the rules, to complete the task of card arrangement.